Take Advantage of the Flexibility

  1. Our unique interlocking flooring tiles allow you to form fit to your specific work stations, and allows you to add or remove tiles as your matting needs change.
  2. The uneven surface of the tiles are designed with our innovative “Compression Flex Technology” promoting improved blood flow reducing fatigue with the added protection of shock absorption to lower stress.
  3. Specially designed legs on the underside of the tile create a floor above the floor. Air flow underneath the tiles create a protective barrier against the hard surfaces.
  4. The leg structure also helps disperse the user’s weight over the surface of the tile.
  5. The tiles are 18” by 18” by 1” thick (2.25 sq.ft)
  6. High visibility yellow edging gives the shop floor a professional look, and also defines the work area for safety purposes.
  7. The distance from the concrete created by the tile, along with the 100% recycled PVC material keeps the users calf and instep warmer, as a result the heart isn’t required to work as hard.
  8. The surface of the tiles are comprised of compression domes, which makes for a slightly uneven surface. This promotes sway, which is a key factor in reducing fatigue. By employing an uneven surface the users leg muscles are stimulated. When these muscles contract and expand around the veins in the leg, blood is sent back to the heart with greater efficiency. Therefore venous pooling is significantly reduced.
  9. Injection molding of the tiles give them an unsurpassed durability in all manufacturing environments.
  10. In addition to the initial costs being very competitive, outfitting areas with our modular Ergo Advantage Tile systems is very cost effective as tiles that are subjected to extreme conditions can be rotated to lower traffic areas or they can be replaced. This makes the Advantage extremely effective based on total cost over very long periods of time.