What to look for in an
Anti-Fatigue Mat
Has the mat been optimized for softness and hardness? Does the mat adequately respond to worker movements?
Find these answers and more.

Our Product Speaks for Itself.

“… the matting in our glass sub-assembly area

has proven to be extremely durable and resistant to breakdown from the primers and solvents used in the process.”

“Thanks again

from 700 very satisfied associates for an excellent product and a comparable level of service.”

“… the product is designed

with a view in mind to provide maximum durability, as well as
ergonomic benefits.”

“… we have made the decision

to implement the Ergo Advantage flooring system throughout our plant. It has made a noticeable difference in regards to the comfort and well being of our employees, especially in our main assembly area.”

“The Ergo Advantage Safety Tile System

with its modular design has incorporated the best in modern technologies to achieve a flooring that, in my opinion, does the most to enhance muscle stimulation for people who are required to remain static, or have limited movement within their specific tasks.”

“The Advantage Flooring product

addressed ergonomic concerns that had not been demonstrated by other fatigue or ‘ergonomic’ mats used prior. The innovative design of evenly spaced legs support and disperses weight…”

“The Ergo closed and open surface tiles

were put in all work stations within the entire plant over the past year and have shown no sign of wear, indicating longevity and cost savings second to none.”

“With their tight interlocking capabilities

and high visibility yellow safety edges, we were able to form fit and outline designated work areas.”

“In the past we had experienced problems

with pre-mature wear, slip and tripping hazards… The Ergo Grit tile for oily areas has virtually eliminated any slip hazards we have had…”

“With a tile system this durable

while still providing maximum ergonomic benefits, I would recommend any other related industry to use the Ergo Advantage tile systems.”